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333nergy Dance and Wellness classes focuses on different learning modalities, theories, & programs to evolve you into the confident dancer that already exists within you.


We welcome everyone, all genders, all races, in our inclusive and supportive environment.

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Our highly experienced dance and wellness educators/creatives offer specialty workshops and sessions to enhance your performance, awareness and injury prevention.

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My favourite part of the week was attending 333nergy Dance and Wellness classes. Great energy and people. Jojo Zolina is truly a great educator and inspires students beyond movement. You always feel supported regardless of your dance abilities. I highly recommend you try classes here and follow this company on Instagram to be up to date for class updates and upcoming workshops.

Testimonial Item

Daniella Ferrante

Dance Participant

Great energy to learn and heal spiritually! It is definitely a safe place allowing you to feel yourself without any judgment. Personally recommend Sensual Awakening (intermediate heels class) and Feel the Vibes (open level grooving class) for beginners. Trust and heal yourself.

Testimonial Item

Tiffany Mokhiuching

Dance Participant

Jojo is my favourite dance teacher! I love his Feel the Vibes and House dance classes because he fosters such a warm, kind, caring and very playful energy. His students are professional dancers, beginners, young, old, of all different backgrounds, and we have so much fun together. A one of a kind experience that I recommend to everyone. If you're thinking about classes at 333nergy, whether with Jojo or other teachers, just go! You'll leave happy and refreshed.

Testimonial Item

Janelle Hardy

Dance Participant

This is a place where you can express yourself freely and be yourself truthfully. I’ve been taking the Sensual awakening class on Mondays and I really enjoy this experience of exploring yourself through movements. Jojo is an amazing dancer and he is a really experienced instructor too, very patient and supportive.

Testimonial Item

Sasaha Ye

Dance Participant

This dance studio is by far the best dance studio in Vancouver! I started taking dance again after not dancing for a few years. And I can wholeheartedly say that this studio really is all about the vibes. What sets this studio apart is the amount of detail and care Jojo and his teachers put into their classes. The classes are incredibly encouraging, inviting, and non-judgemental. It’s a safe place to come, connect with people, and elevate your dance skillset. If you are in Vancouver, you definitely want to check this dance studio out!

Testimonial Item

Jane Mallonga

Dance Participant

What an amazing dance experience that commences with Breath Awareness and teaches you the Masculine and Feminine realms of movement. You think you can't dance but you actually can! Jojo breaks down the steps in the most simplistic way and creates connection within your own body that builds your dance confidence. He and his rotating faculty have over 20 years dance and teaching experience. Come and explore movement, tap into your own creativity and be the dancer you have always desired to be or just come have fun and bounce around!

Testimonial Item

Lily Lovepie

Dance Participant